Tableo is a cloud-based solution designed to help restaurants handle reservations and collect payments from customers on a centralized platform. Using the event management functionality, managers can create various events and set... Learn more

AB POS is a cloud-based point of sale system that assists small to large-sized restaurants, bars and clubs with menu creation, seat reservation, and multi-store management. Offering tools like online ordering, delivery, takeout,... Learn more

RESTAURANTS ONLY (US/CANADA): Boostly provides a fully automated text marketing & feedback system that work seamlessly w/ your POS & online ordering providers. We track the revenue generated, so that you always know how effective... Learn more

Paytronix is a standout authority in crafting Digital Customer Engagement Solutions designed specifically for restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers looking to nurture lasting connections with their patrons. Boasting a... Learn more

Shift scheduling and personnel management without downloading andor installing anything, this is what TeamUltim is about. Developed in close collaboration with small and medium-sized businesses, TeamUltim provides essential tools... Learn more

DelivApp is an on-demand delivery management software designed to help restaurants, delivery companies, and dark kitchens handle delivery logistics from a single platform. Key features include route history, dispatch management,... Learn more

Cloud-based SaaS retail platform for unified commerce. For the stores, it offers a web-based POS solution with a modern UI that supports fixed tills, mobile POS, self-checkout and kiosks, store inventory and store fulfillment,... Learn more

Blink enables brick-n-mortar & online stores to implement instant digital ordering and delivery systems. The Blink platform is offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis where a secure, scalable backend is connected to... Learn more

Eat App is a cloud-based reservation management system designed to help restaurants manage guests, bookings, payments, orders, and more on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to capture, store and organize guest... Learn more

Fimble is a restaurant management software designed to help F&B businesses offer various solutions to streamline administrative processes, such as online ordering, mobile ordering, delivery management and more. It offers a wide... Learn more

Cash register with QR Ordering software for the hospitality, leisure and events industry. The self ordering software works completely in the browser so there is no app and no account required for guests to use it. Which makes it... Learn more

SmartLynX is your premier back of house restaurant software suite. Our solution offers you unparalleled reliability, functionality, and control over every aspect of your restaurant operations including inventory, sales, labor,... Learn more

Operandio is a frontline workforce management platform that allows business owners and managers to replace paper checklists with simple and repeatable digital processes that are accessible by employees via mobile and tablet... Learn more


S4D is a restaurant management platform that helps improve the efficiency and performance of your entire chain. With S4D, managers are able to manage both in-store and drive-thru operations at one location from a single system. R... Learn more

Parsley is a cloud-based solution which assists chefs and restaurant managers with recipe management and inventory tracking. Key features include cost tracking, purchase ordering, unit conversions and reporting. The platform... Learn more

Brink POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution (POS) that makes running restaurants easier. Offering solutions for omnichannel ordering and fulfilment, enterprise-grade hardware, and contactless payments all in one place,... Learn more

ResDiary is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses in the hospitality industry to streamline payments, bookings, appointments and venue management operations. The platform allows organizations to store and organize client... Learn more

Trail helps hospitality and leisure allows businesses to manage customer check-ins. Users can track guests and offer personalized service accordingly. Trail supports reservations, table management, automatic check-in, point of... Learn more

Elevate Your Hospitality Business with Gstock: The Ultimate Software for Optimizing Purchasing and Operations Restaurant and hotel owners, listen up! Getapp proudly brings you Gstock, the cutting-edge software tailored to meet... Learn more

Simpliza is a restaurant management system that helps businesses automate sale, and streamline daily routine. Simpliza offers various features such as electronic command, POS/cashier front, digital menu, delivery and more. It... Learn more

Eposbuddy offers electronic point of sale (EPoS) solution for a diverse range of businesses, spanning from quaint local enterprises to expansive franchises. The mission is to enhance the business's effectiveness, optimize its... Learn more

Ordering and Delivery Apps General Features and Functional flow:: Our On Demand platform doesn’t just offer food delivery service, we also provide on demand delivery service to Flower shops, Groceries, Electronics & Games,... Learn more

No more scheduling headaches. Choose Shyfter, the cutting-edge scheduling and time-tracking software. With over 1000 satisfied clients in 2023, this scheduling management tool, powered by a 100% secure cloud, helps you save time... Learn more

Foodics is a SaaS restaurant management system designed to help business owners run their operations seamlessly. The company’s vision is to create a complete restaurant management ecosystem that enables owners to grow their... Learn more

Menumiz is a cloud-based restaurant management solution. Key features allow users to create a digital menu, take self-service orders, send kitchen instructions and accept payents. Digital menus can include images, videos,... Learn more

QSRonline is a restaurant management solution that helps small businesses with labor scheduling, food cost control, reporting, payroll and account integration. Designed for food retailers and restaurants to help with back-office... Learn more

Billberry is a centralized Franchise Management System & POS Solution For food businesses. It is a robust solution when it comes to Inventory Management, Production Management, Procurement Management, Reports & Analysis and more. Learn more

SerVme is an all in one complete guest experience platform that combines reservations, table management, powerful marketing CRM, re-engagement and guest surveys, with robust analytics. A purpose-built hospitality platform, serVme... Learn more

Designed for restaurants of all sizes, OlaClick is a cloud-based food service management solution that helps handle digital menus, customer orders, online payments and more. Key features include integrated payments, alerts/notific... Learn more

PDQ POS is a point of sale solution designed for businesses in the hospitality sector including take out restaurants, fast food chains, bars, and specialty food service retailers. It offers cloud and hybrid options for independent... Learn more

EasyOrder is an online ordering ecosystem for businesses in the food and beverage industry, which includes a tailored app and a direct ordering web page. Key features include in-app reservations, time management, ticketing and... Learn more

Schedule101 is an employee workforce management solution built for managers in the restaurant and hospitality industries looking to manage employee schedules. Key features include employee scheduling, activity logging, text and... Learn more

UpMenu is an online ordering system that allows restaurant customers to order food directly from the website. In addition, each restaurant can run its own mobile application, which allows the customer to order food at any... Learn more

CostBrain is a cloud-based restaurant management solution that helps small and mid-size restaurants to manage food costs in real time. CostBrain helps users to scan restaurant invoices in the solution's database and have it... Learn more

Allset is an order management system designed to allow restaurants to receive and approve online orders for dine-in and take-out guests. The mobile platform also delivers real-time notifications to chefs, prints order receipts,... Learn more

Noshway's food delivery software is an all-in-one solution for restauranteurs. *What exactly do we offer? - ORDERING WEBSITE with a simple yet elegant look that can be customized as per the client's needs. - ADMIN PANEL is a... Learn more