Ongage is a next-gen email management solution that enables email marketing teams to run advanced, high-volume campaigns and deliver personalized experiences with robust marketing automation. Ongage utilizes advanced segmentation... Learn more

GlockApps is a powerful email security solution that helps businesses detect spoofing, track industry blacklists, monitor feedback loops, and more. GlockApps provides business owners with the ability to check their email... Learn more

LeanMail sets the benchmark for the efficient and effective management of email by offering tools and training that maximize the ratio of time and effort to action and tangible results. LeanMail exponentially increases the... Learn more is a full-stack marketing automation platform that converts visitors into satisfied and loyal customers. The application allows you to gather information about prospects and communicate with them via live chat through... Learn more

NeoRed is an email marketing solution which helps create effective emails via the drag and drop editor. Users can crop and resize images, adjust text formatting, and send them to various recipients. Learn more is an all-in-one B2B AI outbound sales platform that provides quality leads from our database of over 265 million verified contacts. With, you can effortlessly create lead lists and engage with them through highly... Learn more

SparkPost is an email delivery platform that helps businesses of all sizes predict and monitor ISP responses, email bounce rates and spam traps in real-time. The inbox tracker enables marketers to create and send emails using... Learn more

Relenta is an email-based customer relationship management solution suitable for small and mid-sized companies. It helps businesses in email management, contact management, sales automation and providing a shared calendar. Relen... Learn more

Mensagia is a marketing software for companies of all sizes that want to send all types of communications to their clients. The software provides users with the right tools to send SMS, Email and Voice campaigns. It also offers... Learn more

Businesses and individuals use Mailtrap Email Delivery Platform to test, send and control their email infrastructure in one place. Email platform for effective sending and high deliverability rates. Email Testing is the sandbox... Learn more

Postmark is an email management solution that helps businesses handle, track and streamline the delivery of emails on a centralized platform. Professionals can use the dashboard to generate administrative reports and track the... Learn more

Hushmail is an email management and electronic signature solution that helps small to large businesses streamline operations related to user management, email encryption, and archiving, among other processes. It lets staff... Learn more

Sealit solutions provide end-to-end encryption giving full data management to its users with email and file protection. Seamlessly implemented with communication & collaboration tools that you already use. Best for small... Learn more

rapidmail is a cloud-based email marketing platform that enables businesses to create and manage digital newsletters. The software includes an intuitive editor that makes it easy for marketers to create newsletters without any... Learn more

Helpwise is a communication management tool that allows customer-facing teams to create shared inboxes for different channels like Email, Live Chat, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and much more! Sales & Support reps can use... Learn more

Mailmodo is a new-age email marketing tool that helps you create and send app-like interactive emails to help you get higher conversions and ROI. It is power packed with all the features you see across different ESP's along... Learn more

iPost is an omnichannel email marketing platform built for Franchises, Agencies, Associations, Restaurants, Media, Publishing, and Retail. We are a recognized leader for organizations with sophisticated messaging requirements... Learn more

Designed for small to large businesses, LeadIQ is a cloud-based lead management solution that helps manage contact data, prospect communications, sales triggers and more. Key features include lead capturing, data synchronization,... Learn more

BlueMail for Teams is a hybrid email management solution that includes unified messaging for context-based conversations. Users can switch from email to messaging to interact with teams members in real-time. Managers can send... Learn more

Mailfence is a cloud-based secure email solution, which helps small to large businesses collaborate, share documents or contacts and enable interaction among team members via chat. Administrators can create, update and delete... Learn more

With StampyMail users can manage all company email signatures in a very simple and fast way. Any modification to the signatures (logo, address, corporate image...) is done centrally, i.e. all signatures are updated at once in a... Learn more

ActiveTrail is a cloud-based email marketing and newsletter solution suitable for small and midsize marketing agencies. Key features include marketing automation, landing page builder, SMS marketing, online surveys and third-party... Learn more

Replyco is a powerful helpdesk software specifically designed for eCommerce sellers. It offers a centralized inbox management solution that streamlines customer support processes and helps sellers exceed customer expectations.... Learn more

Klemail easily and accurately spot invalid, disposable and unwanted emails in your file or database. These email addresses are problematic for your email reputation. Cleaning your contact lists will allow you to reduce your... Learn more

Developed by Rakuen Intelligence, is an email subscription platform designed to assist users with managing email subscriptions. can instantly unsubscribe emails with just a single click. Users can consolidate... Learn more

InMoat is an email productivity tool that helps organizations categorize and filter key business emails from unwanted emails. It enables professionals to manage workflows and automatically identify emails from vendors, colleagues... Learn more

MailReach is a cloud-based email deliverability and reputation management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes monitor and improve sender reputation to increase email deliverability. MailReach caters to companies... Learn more

SimpleCRM, offered by Simpleworks, is an exceptional CRM and AI-based solution designed specifically for mid-sized and large enterprises in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa regions. With headquarters in Singapore... Learn more

Mithi is on a mission to provide Data Advantage for every enterprise. Making technology more useful, useable, and affordable has been an enduring vision for Mithi. Maintaining visibility, access, and control of enterprise... Learn more

Maropost is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables marketing teams to strategically engage with their audience through marketing automation and analytics. It has proven successful for businesses of all sizes across various... Learn more