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Deep Learning Software

Anaconda is an open-source data science solution, which helps small to large enterprises, academic institutions and government organizations develop and deploy machine learning models using high-performance tools and packages. T... Learn more

Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across automotive, retail, healthcare and other industries streamline data extraction and natural language processing (NLP) operations. It enables... Learn more

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Comet is a cloud-based and on-premise platform built for teams who need to optimize their machine-learning models. It provides a platform for building and managing machine learning algorithms,... Learn more

LityxIQ is a cloud-based advanced analytics platform for organizations of all sizes. It is an automated machine learning platform, which automates reporting, modeling, and optimization. This solution helps organizations scale... Learn more

Moveo.AI revolutionizes customer experiences through cutting-edge conversational AI agents. Our enterprise-grade platform, driven by generative AI and proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), redefines data processing, enabling... Learn more

Organizations face increasing demands for high-powered analytics that produce fast, trustworthy results. Whether it’s providing teams of data scientists with advanced machine learning capabilities or delivering mobile applications... Learn more

MLS is a cloud-based learning management system, designed to help organizations of all sizes educate and train mechanical engineers using individual practical and targeted self-paced learning modes. The solution comes with a... Learn more

Thinkzoom is a training and virtual classroom solution that helps businesses build courses, create leaderboards, conduct quizzes, monitor users, and more from within a unified platform. It allows educators to utilize the webcam... Learn more

Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users... Learn more

chabaDoo is an LMS that offers the ability to reuse micro-learning objects and the visual representation of the honeycombs. The micro-learning objects are based on the concept of spaced repetition, breaking down complex topics... Learn more