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Ad Server Software

Kevel's APIs make it easy for engineers and PMs to quickly build and launch a fully-customized, server-side ad server. Kevel's APIs are the fastest way to build your own server-side ad server. With them, you can: -Launch a new... Learn more

Taboola is a cloud-based content discovery and marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage customers and website traffic. Designed for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) implementation,... Learn more

Setupad is tailored to empower publishers and website owners with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. It includes the following components: - Prebid Self-Serve: The platform redefines header... Learn more

Epom is an ad server platform that helps businesses manage advertisements across multiple channels and run marketing campaigns. The application enables marketers to access advertisement inventories, engage with target audiences,... Learn more

We live in an eCommerce first world. To win, brands need real-time access to the most valuable data, insights, and tools. MikMak Insights improves marketing effectiveness, drives market share over competitors, and strengthens a... Learn more

Quartile is a leader in Amazon Advertising. Its PPC platform is powered by six patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate your Amazon and other e-commerce marketplace advertising campaigns. Qua... Learn more

diDNA is a cloud-based enterprise ad management platform, designed to help enterprises of all sizes optimize ad inventory and enhance revenue generation by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.... Learn more

Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform enables creative and marketing teams in top brands to scale their creative production and activate on-brand, content-rich marketing campaigns swiftly across all channels. We empower you to... Learn more

AdSanity is an advertising engine for WordPress. It allows you to place ads within your content and across your website and generate reports to follow the success of your ad campaigns. AdSanity works with common WordPress tools... Learn more

Choozle is a cloud-based digital marketing and advertising software which helps advertisers, marketers and publishers with a unified platform for all sales and campaign activities. It helps in building and launching real time... Learn more

Topsort is an auction-based advertising platform with modular APIs and a bid-less interface. Topsort caters to digital marketers, agencies, and brands looking to optimize advertising campaigns and helps marketplaces build, scale,... Learn more

Brid.TV is a premier online video platform, offering publishers and ad networks high-end video monetization solutions that generate revenue while maintaining total control over their content. Brid's premiere offering, the... Learn more

Spiny allows digital publishers to focus on creating content that is unique to their audience. You don't need to be data or advertising experts to run your business, Spiny handles all of this for you. Spiny provides live... Learn more