Proudly developed in Australia, M1 is subscription cloud-based ERP software that provides functionality for managing all aspects of a manufacturing business, including inventory management, production scheduling, customer... Learn more

For furniture, home furnishings, appliances, and more, Live Furnish is 3D Made Simple. Without a computer science degree or prior experience with computer graphics, we make it simple for anyone to produce breathtaking photo-realis... Learn more

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SketchUp is a 3D modeling software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, including architecture, construction, urban planning, woodworking and interior designing. It enables designers to create, store and... Learn more

Prisync is a price optimization and merchandise management tool for e-commerce businesses. The solution helps track competitor prices and stock levels. In addition, it allows users to report this data through various channels. P... Learn more

Quotient is a cloud-based configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution that caters to small businesses across various industry verticals and helps users to create, send and manage professional quotes. Key features include contact... Learn more

Quoter is a cloud-based solution designed to help service-based businesses manage the entire quoting lifecycle using electronic signature capture, tracking, CRM, accounting and automation tools. Key features include pricing... Learn more

Zakeke is a cloud platform empowering brands to offer their customers live Product Customization, 3D & AR view and Virtual Try-On. By integrating it with your store, your customers will be able to customize your products with... Learn more

DealHub offers a unified platform that helps businesses generate quotes and contracts, connect with prospects, and access buyer insights. The platform was designed using a revenue amplification approach that helps close the gap... Learn more

Login Corporate Business Solutions has been designed to work in every field, regardless of country and sector, with domestic resources. It continues to develop continuously in order to adapt to changing needs. It offers you time... Learn more

Sketchfab is a web-based viewing, creating, and publishing tool for 3D models. With this solution, users can organize models using the tool's collection, tag, and category options. 3D models created with Sketchfab can be embedded... Learn more

Epicor CPQ ensures every configuration is accurate, profitable, and optimized from an engineering standpoint. It then automatically calculates pricing and generates a quote. Finally, it generates CAD drawings and bills of... Learn more

Visao is a digital solutions company that helps manufacturing companies break out of the mold and stand out with its cutting-edge interactive 3D applications for sales, marketing and maintenance processes. Are you a manufacturer... Learn more

Merkato is a proposal management software that helps businesses configure customer requirements, calculate financial consequences, manage dealers, and document quotations. Key features include sales forecasting, pricing management... Learn more

Apparound provides a CPQ (configure price quote) module that helps sales teams create quotes without errors, engage customers in the configuration of the order and simplify sales management. The solution is designed to improve... Learn more

Tired of quote errors and delays that block revenue? Meet XaitCPQ; the specialist solution for quoting complex projects, products and services. - Automate pricing; avoid errors and margin erosion - Calculate and manage project... Learn more

Simplio3D is a web-based product configurator solution built for e-commerce platforms. It offers various features including a product builder, viewport module, design tool, plus more. Simplio3D can help businesses improve... Learn more

With Tacton CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), B2B manufacturers can maintain and sell highly customizable products as if they were standard. Our award-winning configuration and pricing engine, allows you to control your custom... Learn more

Elfsquad CPQ is the most advanced cloud-based software for configurable products. It uses artificial intelligence to calculate the best price and quantity for your customers, and it can do so for every single permutation of a... Learn more

Synoptive is a cloud-based configuration solution that can be used to configure, visualize, and price complex products. It offers various applications that can help businesses manage rule-based configuration, visual product... Learn more

Hive is a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that simplifies the sales process for manufacturers selling complex products that can be modified according to the customer’s wishes. Our platform supports sales in six different... Learn more

Bit2win configure, price and quote (CPQ) application suite is a modular, fully integrated set of Cloud native software applications that helps Clients supporting products and services configuration, pricing and quoting activities.... Learn more

3D Source is a cloud-based product configurator that allows businesses to visually customize products and assets for 3D virtual displays, such as product videos and interactive web demos. With this solution, users can customize... Learn more

ConfigCat is an application lifecycle management software that helps businesses create, manage and control feature roll-outs. The platform enables managers to configure role-based access permissions for staff members and retain... Learn more

Cincom CPQ is a configure, price, quote, (CPQ) solution built especially for manufacturing companies and other businesses offering complex products and services. Both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options are available.... Learn more

ERP123 offers small and midsize manufacturers and distributors an ERP solution that automates and integrates business operations. This software allows the user to the organize their MRP, inventory management, picking and... Learn more

eRep CPQ is a cloud-based configure price quote (CPQ) solution designed for businesses across various industries such as HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, control industrials, and more. Key features include approval... Learn more

Equip360 is a cloud-based digital commerce solution built for manufacturers, specialty vehicle and aftermarket organizations. This solution consists of business analytics tools and eCatalog capabilities designed to help manufactur... Learn more

SAE CPQ software is a product configurator tool that generates sales offers automatically. It enables companies to draft and sell complex products online or offline and in 3D. The system targets SMEs and large-sized companies... Learn more

PALMA is a cloud-native SaaS solution for product portfolio and configuration management. PALMA provide a holistic 360-degree view of the product based on a common information model. PALMA consolidates , structure and govern... Learn more

Unleash is an open-source feature flag management solution that enables enterprises to manage targeted and progressive feature rollouts. Users can release features to selected audiences for iterative testing. It offers an API... Learn more

Brikl is the leading MicroStore and team store technology worldwide. Its specialist set of next-generation features allow you to set up shop in 15 minutes and spend the time you've saved on growing your business. Sell better:... Learn more

Infor CPQ software simplifies product configuration and quoting for manufacturers and distributors of complex products. The Infor configure price quote platform shortens sales-cycle time by accurately configuring, pricing, and... Learn more