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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Platform is a hybrid IT service management (ITSM) solution that enables users to design, plan, operate and control various IT services offered to the customers. The solution can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. ITOA Platform offers users vendor-neutral analysis of their network infrastructure, network virtualizations and unified communications tools. The solution's 'Foundation' module facilitates data collection and discovery of servers, networks and unified communication components. The 'CloudScape' module helps users to plan and analyze the migration process of their data to public, private or hybrid cloud services. Additionally, ITOA Platform features cloud and data center workload sizing, infrastructure product lifecycle reports, performance comparisons, app stack changes, disaster recovery planning and ITSM/CMDB updates. ITOA Platform offers different types of user licenses for a one-time fee. Professional services are offered on a per engagement basis that includes support via phone and email.
CloudScape Software - Application monitoring
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CloudScape Software - Stack and server reports - thumbnail
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