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WorkPlan Learning is a simple and smart tool that will grow the value of your business. We have flipped the outdated learning management models with a solution for the new world of work. Learning and knowledge must be collaborative and available to every person to create and share. Knowledge workers expect to have alignment with their personal use of social collaborative platforms in their personal lives with the types of tools used in the work environment. Your business needs to tap into the 'collective genius' of the people working there to engage them more fully and contribute to your firms execution of strategic goals and team objectives. WorkPlan supports the recognition of people contributing ideas, learning and innovation to the organisation. WorkPlan Learning supports your people as well as your prospects, clients and other external stakeholders. WorkPlan Learning is e-commerce enabled so you are able to commercialise your intellectual property. If you are a training or consulting business, WorkPlan will be an integral contributor to your client acquisition and revenue growth targets. Learning, knowledge, information and innovation is captured and retained in your organisation without risk of loss when people leave employment. The collected knowledge will increase the value of your business when you are ready to execute your exit strategy. * WorkPlan Learning has been designed and developed as learning platform that extends beyond the outdated learning management models so common in organisations currently. * Learning and other activities are tracked in real time. * Individual profiles offer biographical information, subject matter expertise and social media links. *Users are able to search for subject matter experts and colleagues with similar interests and/or memberships to content Portfolios. * Capture best practices in your sales processes and up-skill your sales team with ongoing training, coaching and case study development. * Subject matter experts in your business can create and share content in your business and outside your business to prospects, clients and other stakeholders. * Create a fast, consistent and effective onboarding process regardless of location. * Implement a performance management process in your business without additional software. * Build amazing content with an easy to use authoring toolset in WorkPlan Learning. * Sell courses and other content from WorkPlan Learning. * Collectivise your knowledge and commercialise your intellectual property. * Engage your consulting and business advisory clients during projects and engagements. * WorkPlan Learning is a coaching platform with features including content authoring, surveys, quizzes, feedback, meeting management, notes and tracking analytics. WorkPlan Learning is securely hosted in Microsoft Data Centres using Azure. WorkPlan Learning is provisioned to clients as software as a service (SaaS). Our standard SaaS subscription is a per person monthly fee. Subscription plans are flexible. We understand different business models may require different pricing structures. Please contact us.
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