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Blitzfile is a campaign finance management software for political candidates and political action committees (PACS). It is fully integrated with NationBuilder, a company that develops software for political campaigns. By working with NationBuilder it gives Blitzfile the capability to give you your campaign finance report daily. Another perk of this software is that you have access to campaign finance experts who can answer any questions you may have so that you can avoid all costly mistakes. One of the most useful parts of the Blitzfile is how user friendly it is. It doesn’t matter how much political finance experience you have; you will be able to effectively use this software. Once you sign up a campaign finance expert is there to help you set up your account with a link to process credit cards and merge your online financial accounts and payment sources. Then as you receive donations and spend money it is all entered directly into your report. Alerts are in place to let you know when data is missing so you can be immediately alerted of potential errors. Lastly, you can easily file your reports in the layout specific for your jurisdiction. Blitzfile is your answer to keeping your campaign finances organized. Drop the spreadsheets and take a weight off your shoulders through their daily financial reports.
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Blitzfile paid version starts at USD 39.99/month.

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USD 39.99/month
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