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Octfolio is a compliance, inspection and risk management platform for much more than just asbestos in the built environment. It ensures you have access to real-time, usable, raw data to support informed and educated decisions to better manage residual risks within your asset portfolio. With Octfolio, you can easily handle every aspect of asset tracking and management. Not only does this ensure that your workplace is safe for employees, contractors and visitors, but it helps to guarantee that your business operations will be compliant and operate as efficiently as possible. Octfolio makes it easy for you to store your asset information and allows you to nest that information into a hierarchy. Octfolio intelligently detects assets with a moderate or high level of risk to your recommended management strategies, based on the condition of the Asbestos-Containing Materials(ACM). Our field data collection features operate both online and offline. Your surveyors and assessors can work from anywhere in your asset portfolio, from the boiler rooms to the rooftops. This helps you and your team record asbestos wherever it might be hiding. Automated field completion, risk scoring, and mandated fields speed up data collection to save time and ensure you are up-to-date and consistent with all compliance obligations. You are given extensive customisability over your reports, as well as the ability to send those reports to any devices such as those used by licensed hazardous material assessors. Its report templating and generation functions also eliminate data entry mistakes. Octfolio reports align with the UK-based HSG227 guidelines. This is to ensure a best practice compliance monitoring system. Octfolio also allows customisation of questions, dropdown options, score weightings and risk matrices. Octfolio’s hazardous material information management capabilities help you correctly manage the communication of risk and health and safety information. Octfolio automatically detects outdated information and notifies users. It will also help to identify which of your assets need to be scheduled for a re-inspection. Octfolio makes managing your documents simple. Create, customise, and automate a range of documents to manage large asset portfolios in one centralized database. This can include registers, management plans and prioritised removal reports. You can host a wide range of documentation, as well as automate many of the document templates available for more efficient document generation. Octfolio supports a wide range of document types. The digital asbestos register helps your business eliminate paper waste, store and access data much easier and keep all reports up to date. Additionally, using Octfolio, building owners and managers can track and record the details of people that access the register as well as company details that have been provided with the register.
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Octfolio does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. Octfolio paid version starts at $950.00/month.

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Reviewed on 11/05/2022

Asbestos survey tool


Octfolio is a great asbestos survey tool for industry. It provides a good interface to produce quality asbestos registers for the client.


Navigation between sections can be somewhat clunky. Some of the views could have more clickable linked functionality to avoid this.

Response from OCTFOLIO

Thanks for the review Shane. It's great to have you on the platform. We will reach out to better understand the clunkiness you are experiencing and see what we can do to improve it!

Replied 14/05/2022

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